Printmaking process

Printmaking has always held a special joy for me.

Since printing plates are reverse to the image you print, you never know for sure how your image will turn out. I love the moment of suspense when I first print an image and get to see how it looks for the first time.

printmaking style

This style of printmaking is called etching. Traditionally it is done on a copper plate using acid, but I prefer to use plexiglass plates sketching the image in with a sharp etching tool (essentially a large needle). This process is called drypoint printing. The downside is the plexiglass plates are much more fragile and do not last as long as a copper plate.

Mixed media

I love using mixed media in my work. I adore the warmth and glow of gold and include it in a lot of my work. I also like to create collages out of the scraps I use as I print.

Linocut prints

Since drypoint printing requires a printing press, I have started focusing on printmaking techniques I can do in my studio.

I have recently started linocut prints which I can print by either gluing to a block of wood (like a stamp) or applying pressure to the back with a wooden spoon. I love the ease of carving/printing and the strong contrast I can create with these prints.