I love to paint colourful and surreal pop art scenes inspired by nature. If you are interested in purchasing a piece please use the contact form to inquire.

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My PAinting journey

I just started painting a couple of years ago.

I started painting mountains so that I could capture the beautiful surreal moments in between sunset and twilight where the mountains look like they're from another world. As I continued on I started painting mountains against the night sky. I've always loved the peace and awe inspiring feeling that comes from looking at the night sky. Growing up on Te Waipounamu in Aoteroa/New Zealand meant my childhood had the background of some of the most treasured black skies on Earth. I include the Southern Cross constillation in every one of my night sky paintings as a homage to my roots and the natural beauty that inspires me.

As my painting has progressed, I also started painting elements of the natural world in my colourful pop-art style. I love the intense colours of the natural world and want my paintings to reflect that.