My art is driven by my curiosity about the world around me. It lets me explore some of the unanswered questions I have... and I have a lot of unanswered questions. 

My Process:

Once I have an idea I will sketch it out to understand the subject matter. Then I will create thumbnails until I am happy with the composition.

I have sketchbooks filled with notes, sketches and thumbnails of these ideas. It normally takes me a few weeks, sometimes even months, of sketching and thinking before I know how to execute the idea.

Then I choose my technique - printmaking, painting, drawing, sewing, photography, digital art. Oftentimes I will use a mix of techniques to complete a piece.



Bright Place Gallery - $20 Art Show - 20th of October

Recently Ended:

"Muse of Creation" - Bend Art Center Featured Member - Bend Art Center - August 2018
"Smith Rock" - Small Prints - Bend Art Center (ends July 2018)