Craft Foam Stencils

For a long time printmaking has been "my medium".  Until last year, that is, when I started painting.

I started questioning if printmaking was really where my heart was and why I did it.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I went to the library and checked out a bunch of books including one called Street Craft by Riikka Kuittinen.  The projects in it were so inspiring and it brought back what initially attracted me to street art as a teenager.

It also reminded me the reason I was so enthusiastic about printmaking in high school was because it was a "fine art version of street art."

I decided I needed to incorporate stenciling into my printmaking.  For one of the student projects in the A6 studio at the Bend Art Center they used craft foam glued to PVC piping.  I've used craft foam a lot in the past for costumes, since it's very easy to cut and holds it shape well.  I decided to have a play around with some craft foam in the printmaking and see what else it could do.

I went in Tuesday morning to the studio to try it out.  Here is the result:

It was a super quick stencil just to see how it would print.  While the craft foam stencils do have their own limitations, the way it holds the ink makes me so happy.  I love how it almost looks like a linocut or woodblock print.

It's so much fun to make stencils - so this is something I will definitely be incorporating into my printmaking more often.